Seabird colony at Bempton Cliffs
Guillemots and Kittiwakes on sea cliff
Razorbills and Kittiwakes on sea cliff
Guillemots on sea cliff
Razorbill colony on sea cliff
Razorbills on sea cliff
Razorbill on sea cliff
Razorbills adult displaying on sea cliff
Guillemots and Razorbills
Razorbill on sea cliff
Razorbill in evening light on sea cliff
Black Backed Gull backlit in flight
Black Backed Gull
Gull young hidding in rocks
Gull silhouetted at sunset
Oystercatcher on cliff edge
Cormorant on rocks
Knot on mudflat
Knot flock long exposure showing movement
Knot flock lifting off from roost site
Dunlin on mudflat
Grey Plover shaking head
Bar Tailed Godwit on mudflat
Pink footed Geese flying at dusk